Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Worn and Outdated

Recently I have been doing quite a bit of antiquing/thrift shopping. I also worked at an antique store for awhile (Spring Creek Antiques) and have accumulated quite a few neat things from my time there. So here are seven things that I have found throughout the years that I absolutely love!

#1  Travel Suitcase- This is my slightly worn suitcase, which I bought for my room. You can't really tell from the photograph, but it is a really nice light blue color!                                   

#2 Old Postcards- These are a couple of postcards I found at work. My room is a travel theme, and I'm going to use these for a collage, but you could use them for a number of things... including as postcards ;)

#3 Tiny Journal- this is the journal that I use for keeping track of all the money I spend, and any of the genius ideas that come to me throughout the day (ok, I'm only two pages into it)

#4 Fancy Telephone- This is my sisters, and I am so jealous that she found it!! It is so unique and IT WORKS!! I have made a couple of phone calls on it, because I feel really awesome talking to people on it, especially in a french accent.

#5 Worn Shoes- ok, I wear these shoes way too much, but they are pretty sweet if you ask me. I really like Keds, and those are these shoe's brand. They're super comfy and I like them to look worn out, like a hobos shoes.

#6 Owl Wind Chime-I keep this outside on warm days and crack my backdoor open so I can listen to it... I thought this was a great buy because it sounds beautiful and is very cute!

#7 I saw this piece at a local flea market, and I knew it would look awesome in our house. I love the color of it, and I literally can't stop looking it, it's such a statement piece :)


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