Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Christmas Gift

DIY Soap Christmas Wrapping

This is the perfect Christmas present to give to friends or extended family! Who doesn't like something that smells delicious and also helps makes you clean :) I will be showing you a great way to wrap soap so that all your friends will be amazed about how great it looks. 

Here is what you need:

  1.   A bar of beautifully scented soap, for this purpose I used lemon soap.
  2. A long piece of twine, based on how big your soap is, you can cut it later.
  3. A rectangle piece of burlap
  4. A bag of colorful feathers 

Here's how to wrap your gift, it's very simple!

Step 1: Fold two of the opposite edges of the burlap together until they overlap.


Step 2: Fold the other two edges together where it looks like an envelope, hold together through next steps.

Step 3: This part is easiest if you have someone to help you. Take a piece of twine and wrap it over the top of the soap where it is folded. Turn the soap over and twist the piece of twine so that it changes direction on the soap. Bring twine back up to the top and tie twine into a bow.  

Step 4: Take one of the feathers and put a small piece of tape on the back. This looks great if you use red and green feathers for Christmas time, but any color looks good.

Step 5: Press feather firmly into place underneath the bow, and vola! A perfectly wrapped present for any occasion.

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