Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Lately we have been clearing out my grandparents house because someone is going to be renting it soon. It has been very nostalgic going through all my grandparents old possessions and feeling the memories of those items. It made me emotional sometimes but I enjoy still being able to have a part of them with me. I was able to take some of their things to use in my room and in my future apartment. I must say they have some amazing treasures. Along with what is pictured below, I also got a bookshelf, a dresser and a beautifully intricate gold mirror.

 This is actually a pencil sharpener. I kind of want to bring it to school with me one day and use it. I'm sure I would get some strange looks.

These are my great-grandfathers glasses. They remind me of Harry Potter glasses, and look pretty sweet on me!

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